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It is Joseph Kochakian’s metropolitan organic food service Greater Organic Foods that inspired the vision for his own brand of organic flavor essence water. Joseph’s time tested sales experience and unrivaled success as a regional account manager from his past ventures in the organic foods industry gave him tremendous insight into the mind of the organic consumer. He knew there was a niche to be created in the multi-billion dollar Organic industry. Before taking the first giant step in December 2010, he paused and asked himself, “Would my health-conscious customers and millions of consumers put down their sugar-laden, enhanced water beverages for organic flavored essence water?” In the spirit of entrepreneurship he answered, “Yes”. At this point Joseph asked his brother Ara to become his confidant and work side-by-side to bring this concept to fruition. Joseph, with Ara by his side, conducted market research, spent countless hours crafting their vision, and in June 2011 set the stage for the company’s first production run of its four flagship flavors: Mojito Mint, Peach, Lemon-Lime, and Mango. Having wide-eye enthusiasm, the brothers nurtured relationships with local distributors and developed a loyal following among consumers, making The Planet's Choice essence water the best-kept-secret in local markets. The Kochakian brothers complement each other, creating a well balanced fusion that imbues the The Planet's Choice brand.

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